Movement Standards

Movements Beginners Intermediate / Masters Advanced
Cleans 30kg 40kg 60kg
Front Squats 30kg 40kg 60kg
Overhead squats 25kg 35kg 45kg
Thruster 25kg 30kg 40kg
Deadlifts 50kg 70kg 90kg
Shoulder to Overhead 30kg 40kg 60kg
Snatch 20kg 30kg 40kg
Kettlebells 12kg 16kg 16kg
Wall balls 4kg to 9ft target 6kg to 9ft target 6kg to 9ft target
Push-ups Knees Toes Toes
Pull-ups Jumping Y Y
Chest to Bar N Y Y
Muscle Ups N N Y
Hand Stand Push Ups N Y Y
Box jumps Can step Y Y
Toes to Bar N Y Y
Double Unders Single Skips Y Y

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