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FAQs & Rule Book

Can I register more than one team?

You can register more than one team, however you will need to use a different email address for each registration

Can I substitute a team member due to illness or injury?

Team members may be substituted at any time prior to the commencement of the competition.  To do this, click on the log on tab, login using the details you registered with and change details.

Can I change divisions?

You can only change divisions prior to the commencement of the competition.  Once you choose a division, all WODs need to be performed according to those division standards.  If a movement comes up that you can’t do, you just work up until that movement and that will be your score.  All movement standards and weights are listed on the Movement Standard document (under workout tab).

Do I need to submit a video?

Videos MUST be included in your score submission to be eligible to finish top 10. Use WeTime to video your performance and link your video to the Butterfly Effect Competition on the app.  There is no need to upload to YouTube.

• All videos must include the Team name, equipment and weight at the beginning of the video
• All videos should be uncut and unedited.
• A Clock or Timer, with a running workout time, must be clearly visible throughout the workout.
• Athletes must always be fully in the shot of the camera.
• The video must be shot from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards.

All videos will be judged by the Butterfly Effect Judging committee. Penalties will be given where the standards have not been met. Each no rep will constitute a 1 rep deduction or 1 second penalty.

Judging decisions are final and at the full discretion of The Butterfly Effect Judging Committee.

How do I log my score?
  1. Click on Submit Score on the website or log in to your Wetime app account
  2. Once you have completed the workout, select the video you want to upload, tap on the “Link” icon and press “Start”
  3. From the video link screen select “Butterfly Effect”
  4. Once the upload is finished press “Copy Link” and return to the Butterfly Effect profile.
  5. Select the leaderboard tab (the one in the middle), open the appropriate leaderboard, enter your score and press “Add video” to add the video link.
  6. Should you choose to re-do the WOD within the allocated time period, and receive a better result, the above steps can be followed to update the score.

If there are any issues entering scores, please contact us at info@thebutterflyeffectcomp.com.

Can I get a refund if I can no longer participate?

Registration fees are non-refundable.  You may however substitute team members at any time prior to the commencement of the competition.

The Butterfly Effect Rule Book

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