Can I register more than one team?
You can register more than one team, however you will need to use a different email address for each registration
Can I substitute a team member due to illness or injury?
Team members may be substituted at any time prior to the commencement of the competition.  To do this, click on the log on tab, login using the details you registered with and change details.
Can I change divisions?
You can only change divisions prior to the commencement of the competition.  Once you choose a division, all WODs need to be performed according to those division standards.  If a movement comes up that you can’t do, you just work up until that movement and that will be your score.  All movement standards and weights are listed on the Movement Standard document (under workout tab).
Do I need to submit a video?
We do not require video footage to be submitted with your score submission, however if your team score is in the top 10 for any given workout, or if the score is questionable we may request video evidence.  It is therefore recommended that all workouts are videoed.  In the event a score is questioned and there is no video, the team will have 48 hours to redo and film the workout  for score validation.
How do I lodge my score?
  1. Click on submit my score
  2. Sign In (using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you registered with)
  3. Expand the side menu bar and click “Submit Score”
  4. Select a workout
  5. Submit your score


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